Words of the Week

I always seem to I get a phrase or word that becomes a favourite for a while and I totally and utterly overuse it. So, just for a giggle I will be posting a word or phrase every week.

Think of it as a bit like bullsh*t bingo when you’re at a meeting, instead of corporate things like ‘going forward’, ‘it’s on my radar’, ‘let’s take this off line’ and probably my most hated phrase of all ‘ping me’ (really? memories of bra straps and bored pre pubescent boys in French class) I’ll add a new word or phrase every week which you can try and use just for a giggle.

This weeks:

  • No matter: Miss Sassy has used this all week and it has rubbed off on me. She uses it when something is of no importance. Miss Sassy ‘Mama how do mermaids poo?’, I shrug my shoulders and make a silly face indicating I have no idea, Miss Sassy responds with ‘Ah well, no matter’

Previous Weeks

  • Grumpasaurus: A Grumpy person. As Wee Man is obsesses by Dino’s I thought I should start with my favourite description for the Kids when they are grumpy. The non stop rain has made Mama a Grumpasaurus